Mark Smidt

Mark Smidt,  CEO

319-524-6724, ext 105


Amanda Rogers, Membership Director & Business Assistant

319-524-6724, ext. 102

Heather Davis

Heather Davis, Program Director

319-524-6724, ext. 103

Front Desk Staff

Gail Cale, Cindy Stanley, Lindsy Swindler, Taylor Tate, Garrett Bevans, Boone Messer, Jacey Helenthal, Joey Helenthal, Kim Squires, Chris Stevens


Wee Care

Lexi Stutes


Water Instructors

Linda Blankenship, Linda D. Fox, Lauren Reichman and Tina Printy


Fitness Instructors

Becky Crenshaw, Chris E. Everingham, Tarla Price, Barbara J. Wardlow, Tom Buckley, Alexis Sperber, Tea Rader, Heather Davis, Devon Dade, Jenny Morgan, Lex Lawson and Joey Mueller


Building and Maintenance

Mike Woods and Mike Bliven


YMCA Swim Team

Lisa Twitchell



Caelan Denning, Lonny Cale, Isabelle Elston, Skylar Weilandich and Addy Brumble


Personal Trainer

Dakota Donner


Teen Center

Dakota Donner and Devon Dade